Easter Weekend in Kodiak

Went out to Old Rivers Inn Restaraunt, had a delicious filet mignon and halibut poppers 😋 started to snow a little as you can tell by some white flakes in my hair. ❤️❄️ Can’t wait to get out and see some more stuff. Looks like I’ll be here til end of May and then False […]

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Kodiak, AK April

Couple of pictures that I have taken here and there. Still haven’t had a chance to venture out yet. Picture below was taken on my way out to Bells Flats, where I stopped and had lunch at a cute little sandwich shop called Java Flats. One of the very few gas stations here on the […]

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Kodiak March 2019

Been here a little over a week. I am settled into my one bedroom apartment. Got to work downstairs for little bit and feel what the fish processors go through 12 hours a day 7 days a week. Makes me really appreciate my office job. Haven’t had much time to see and do stuff here […]

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Anchorage, AK to Kodiak, AK

24 hours and two cancelled flights, finally made it for takeoff at 8:20 pm for Kodiak. So far the smallest plane I’ve ever been on with 28 seats. I have to admit was a little nervous for our one hour journey over the Gulf of Alaska. I’ll be in Kodiak for 6-8 weeks, it will […]

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Cancelled flight

Well that was fun waiting all day for a flight, for it to be cancelled. Guess we are spending the night in Anchorage! Flight cancellation continued as our flight this morning was cancelled, fingers crossed that our 8:20pm flight is on schedule!

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